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Incoherency of Sex???

This is based of conversations between myself and another friend of mine evolutions_son on live journal

Here is his response to me. I find it interesting and would like to know how others think?

Sex is a powerful force as it is the physical manifestation of the creative >power of the universe. In the universe all things exist in a coherent >fashion which we refer to as Nature or Mother Nature. It is important to >understand that sex is natural and a part of Nature. Nature for all >intents >and purposes is life. Esoterically sex is a powerful generating center and >producer of electro-magnetic energy which continuously vibrates like >electricity. This power emanates directly from the original source, that >is >from God, and its mission is the maintenance of life. It is due to this >that life emanates from sex and from there, it is transmitted to the >different centers of the body. Life is an eternal and continuous >generation. Nothing can exist that has not been created by two forces, one >passive or feminine and the other, active or masculine. In man(kind) is >manifested the active or positive force of creative power and due to this, >he does not have control over his instincts which at certain times, place >him on the level of an animal which procreates impelled by magnetic >currents. > > > >

Sex is the great producer, regulator, and director of life, but it is also >the great hypnotizer that keeps the human species in the mechanical (or >sleep) state. The Bible says that the serpent tempted Adam and Eve to eat >the forbidden fruit and that their giving into that temptation was the >cause >for their expulsion from Paradise. In this context, Paradise symbolizes >the >state wherein man is in permanent conscious contact with his own spirit. >This expulsion from Paradise represents the loss of this contact when men >surrendered to uncontrolled passion. By surrendering to his passions and >by >using sex indiscriminately, he little by little lost his faculty for >perceiving reality because his sensorial impressions were so numerous and >continuous as to perturb his mental function. > > > >

When the objective of the sexual act is to beget a child, it is an act of >creation, and each time a birth takes place, a force is produced, either >good or evil, according to the quality of the union, that is to say, if it >had been purely bestial or spiritual. Let's stop for a moment and grasp an >understanding of what is meant by good and evil. In the first paragraph it >was explained that electro-magnetic energy continuously vibrates. It >should >be understood that all matter in existence, both seen and unseen >(immaterial), vibrate continuously. As vibrations slow down they become >dense and this produces matter, and at the same time, as vibrations speed >up >they become less dense and more immaterial, ethereal, and celestial. When >man surrendered to his earthly physical (dense/low vibrations) passions he >lost contact with his spirit (high vibrations) as mentioned above, so with >that said, and understanding that man's current purpose is to reconnect >with >his spirit (aka Paradise/Heaven on Earth), anything that keeps man focused >on the dense vibrations is considered to be evil, and likewise, anything >that keeps man focused on the spiritual is considered good. So it is also >understood that when a person commits a sin they are actually experiencing >an incoherent state that is totally focused in the realm of dense >vibrations >and lacking conscious connection to the spirit. > > > >

When there is only a union of bodies and not of the souls, which is the >most >common, it is the same as mechanically stimulating the sexual centers, >producing perpetual dissatisfaction. Only with the simultaneous union of >body and soul, is there a real deep and intimate spiritual and divine >pleasure in the true sexual union. This is the difference between sinning >and not sinning as far as this problem is concerned. The ones who sin are >the ones who join themselves like animals. It is not sufficient for a >marriage to be legalized by the church to have the grace of God, as in >Nature there are no human laws. From the viewpoint of Nature, which is >perfect, a marriage consists of any couple who have formed a matrimonial >aura, which is the union of their spirits. When this matrimonial aura is >absent, a marriage can still be legalized and blessed by the church, but it >will be false and a lie as there will only have been a coupling of bodies. > > > >

Now that we have a greater understanding of sex let's examine what types of >sex are coherent and incoherent. The number one purpose of sex is to >procreate, to generate life, but as explained above there must also be >present a matrimonial aura or spiritual union between the two partners. >This spiritual union represents love for one another and a conscious choice >to join together. When both (spiritual union and procreation) are present >man and woman are in total coherency with Nature and Spirit. Anytime a man >or woman has sex for purely physical stimulation and pleasure they are >acting in incoherent sin because they are choosing to focus themselves >totally in flesh and not in spirit. This is also the case with >homosexuality. There is no procreation possible between members of the >same >sex thus any sexual union between members of the same sex is perverted and >total focused on passionate dense vibrations. This is not to say that a >man >can not love another man or that a woman can not love another woman, but >there is an infinite amount of ways to express and share love for one >another without sex. Love is not based in dense vibrations; it is actually >the exact opposite as love is the quintessential vibration of our Spirits >and God. In our current society we are taught that we should express our >love sexually and with this homosexuals have fought for equal rights to >express their love. The problem is that homosexuals are fighting for a >right from heterosexual society that has a totally distorted understanding >of sex.

The number one and only purpose for sex is for procreation, that's >it! It is possible for any and all humans to share a spiritual union among >one another as this is our true peaceful loving spiritual state, however >this has nothing to do with sex, but instead with everyday living. > > > >

Let me end this by saying that I have lived in sin as sin is defined here. >We all are going to make mistakes, we all are going to fall down, but what >matters is that we get back up. No matter your race, gender, religion, or >geographical location we all desire the same thing: Peace. That peace is >with God and with our Spirits as they are God's creation made in His image. >Only when mankind, as a whole, reconnects with Spirit will we achieve peace >or heaven on earth. Do not condemn your brothers and sisters because they >fall to incoherency, but instead offer them your love and support. If one >consciously chooses to live in sin be careful of your interaction with him >as to not influence yourself to do the same, but do not judge him or you >will surely share the same fate, instead accept him and love him >unconditionally so he may be touched by the love of Spirit and God. Love >God, Love YourSelf, & Love One Another.
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