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Title X Funding Stuffs....

For those of you interested in family planning issues (and live in the states), you should be aware that Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) will offer an amendment to the Labor-Health and Human Services (HHS) spending bill that would prohibit Title X funds from being made available to Planned Parenthood health centers.  The debate on the Labor-HHS bill is currently underway and this vote could come up at any moment.

If you wish to write your representative (or wish to call them and need talking points), feel free to steal/direcly copy/use the letter I sent my representative which is found behind the cut.

Dear Congressman Fortenberry,

I strongly urge you to vote AGAINST Rep. Mike Pence's attempt to de-fund Planned Parenthood.

Title X provides vital health services to low-income women. If Planned Parenthood is de-funded other clinics, particularly in rural areas, will be unable to adequately provide low-income women family planning services. The vast majority of Planned Parenthood patients are low-income women.

Almost half of Planned Parenthood of Nebraska & Council Bluffs services are family planning services.  Less than 4% of services are for abortion.  No federal funds are used by Planned Parenthood to engage in lawful and constitutionally protected abortion services.

This amendment is fundamentally anti-woman and will sabotage the reproductive health services they rely on. Please keep in mind that Planned Parenthood provides one-half of Nebraska’s Title X family planning services.

I look forward to your response!


Christine Muller
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