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Impeachment Ale, etc.


I just found out that my very good friend, Lacy (a fellow conscientious dissenter), is going to attend graduate school in Boulder, Colorado, to get her PhD in psychology, so that she can help returning soldiers with PTSD.  She is a true patriot*, and a credit to this country.  (Direct Lacy-quote: I may hate the war, and I can't stop it, but I can at least help the soldier's coming back from it.  Goddess, I love that girl!!!)

Her beau, Zach, will be interning in a brewery.  They plan to start their own brewery--Freedom Brew.  They already brew at home in their spare bathroom, and are quite good, just ask bigdude1800.  (To give you an idea of their political views, they've already perfected a tasty peach-flavored brew by the name of Impeachment Ale, for which Lacy plans to design a funny little cartooney Bush label.  She also mused to me about Cheney-themed pretzels, since she jokingly suspects Cheney of trying to pretzel-his-way-into the presidency a few years back.)

Her news has renewed my sense of hope and passion.  There are other patriots out there.  There are others in this country that intend to fight for individual freedoms, for social justice, for human rights, for equality, to make this world a better place one person at a time (one beer at a time?) however they can, in any way, their own way.  Their NOT satisfied with the status quo!  They will NOT sit idly by as the United States falls apart around them.  They take personal responsibility as citizens to make this country a better place to live.

I love my country; I love what it could be, what it should be.   I will not permanently emigrate, no matter how often I seriously consider it (though I will probably live abroad for a while just to get the life experience).  I will keep fighting for what I know is right, no matter how tired or frustrated I get, because there are others out there fighting just as hard.  And we WILL make a difference, I know we will--just look at how the whole "global warming" thing has turned out!  Sure, it took 10+ years, but people are starting to listen.  People are starting to recycle too--I even heard a conservative republican talk about the benefits about buying locally grown produce the other day. )

If any of you out there are boarder-line activists, or are activists/revolutionaries that don't realize you are (ah-herm, threerings everreese</div>) take heart,  don't  let *all that crap* out there get you down.  Good things are happening.  They always are.  Go listen to some patriotic music--whatever you consider that to be; Semper Paratus, Rage Against the Machine, Dixie Chicks, etc.  You make a difference every day.  Keep up the good work.  To everyone on my flist--if any of you read this far--you ALL make a difference.  For those of you I know in real life, I know you do good things, I know you affect those around you in positive ways.  Keep it up.  Keep the faith :)

Go team! 

*Patriot assuming that true American interests include, but are not limited to: freedom of life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness, oh, hell, how about the right to a fair trial...universal healthcare, a decent education, a living wage; I'll stop there lest people claim I'm being unreasonable!

EDIT: for some reason, my LJ link to madlawstudent (under activists that may not currently be aware of it) won't show up.  You should check her out.  She's awesome.
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