Shakespeare Made Up Words And So Can I! (resident_raptor) wrote in absolutedebate,
Shakespeare Made Up Words And So Can I!

Don't Let Me Near DC Anymore

No worries, I'll end up debating later, but I figured some of you political heads (who probably need a little break from the seriousness and the heat) might enjoy one of my recent stunts.

So, basically there was this protest in DC I was supposed to go to. But sadly the bus was packed and it cost more to go down there than I thought. Luckily around 200 people were in the same boat I was so they protested around campus. 

They were chanting and holding posters that basically said: 'Bush is a liar'. I however opted for my own personal sign and quote which was: "George Bush do not fib, bring back the effing McRibb!" I also rallied to get McNuggets on the dollar menu. I ended up getting my photo taken for some paper and I must say, I probably look very furious in my quest. But it did lighten the mood a bit, in my defense.
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